Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Childhood memories ............ such lovely toys

Hi everyone from a very wet Somerset.  

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  • Boys will be Boys - Childhood memories
  • Big Shot Video and Offer
  • American Convention Highlights - would you like to go to the European convention?

Boys will be Boys

The dogs and I have been out and got very very wet, but it was quite refreshing and the fields around us really needed it.  But hey, can we please have the sunshine back.  It makes everything seem brighter.

Thanks to those of you who visited my post yesterday.  I am sorry it was so somber, but I felt it important to remember the occasion.  

When I got my annual catalogue, there were a few stamp sets that jumped up and said Buy me, buy me ......... for many different reasons.  Some business and some personal.  This set screamed at me because it bought back lots and lots of happy memories.  Not only from my childhood, but also from my kids little days.  

Why, well all the lovely toys featured are so darling, but above all many of them were what I had or my kids had.

There are five toy stamps in the box and two sentiments, but its the toys I loved 

All five 3 x 3" cards coloured with blend abilities and them mounted

Who didn't have building blocks.  I used to build them and my brother would race his trucks into them to knock them down.

Lego, I can still hear the sound of it being moved around in our lego box, trying to find that elusive bit at the bottom of the box, and remember the feel of it when you trod on it.

Do you remember these army men complete with parachute.  You wrapped the chute around them, and chucked them up in the air, and they floated down.  Happy days.

Yoyo, hmm, I could only do the basics, but my little boy Tom, can make bag shapes, walk the dog and do many more tricks.

And this little guy, well whats not to love.  He reminded me of Metal Mickey, a tv programme I watched as kid.

So many happy memories with this set, and I know that it will also inspire these memories in the people the cards etc are sent to.  What a lovely set to inspire so many lovely feelings.

Each of the images was coloured with Blendabilities.  Then mounted onto Daffodil delight and then Coastal Cabana card bases.  

I loved making these and had a smile on my face the whole time.  Id love to know which sets have made you smile and why.  Please share in the comments below.  If you link to your blog, I will pop over and have a look.

I now every other demonstrator is shouting about this.  I know that you're all probably thinking oh please shut up about the offer, so I thought I would show you today, why you need the big shot and these amazing bundles.

This lovely clip shows you all the uses for the big shot and tells you all the different things you can cut with it.

These lovely little guys change tonight at 11.30 so if any of these are making their way into your heart and you want a bargain grab it now.

Don't forget you can get everything used today in my shop.  Just click below

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