Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Fast and Furious Weekend .......... and free reflection technique guide

Hi everyone.  I hope you have enjoyed my posts over the weekend.  These where scheduled as I have been on the Isle of Wight camping.

And boy were we lucky with the weather.  It only rained Saturday night, once we were tucked up in our tents.  Apart from that the weather was hot and sunny and the island was glorious.

 Our Cerbera

 at Areton Barns for Breakfast

The White Mouse

 The White Mouse

We went to meet up with lots of our friends, old and new, who belong to the TVR car club.  We took our Cerbera and joined everyone.  It was great fun.  There was a  treasure hunt, bbq's, magicians, and lazy drive outs to the stunning towns and villages around the island.  I have to say I love driving along Military Road.  Its just stunning.


Anyway I was banned from taking any crafting items with me ......... so before we set off I made this lovely card to share with you all.

I was of course inspired by the ferry crossing, however the ship on the card is much more majestic.

The stamp is from the Traveller Stamp set and has been stamped in Mossy Meadow, twice using the reflection technique.  This is something I have only recently learnt and I absolutely love it.

You stamp the image first of all onto your Stampa - ma - jig, then you line it up on your card.  Remove the plastic and stamp again.   This gives you the top image.  

Then having cleaned your stamp-ma-jig stamp on it again in the same colour.  Turn it over and then line it up under your top image.  Press down and rub over the back of the image.  This will create the reflected image at the bottom.

I then used a water colour wash, using Lost Lagoon and my watercolour pen,  It has also picked up some of the mossy meadow, which has made the reflection seem very ripply and true to life.  I love this one and hope you guys do to.

The ink pads used are the Classic Ink Pads from Stampin Up.  They work beautifully for this technique.

I have got a couple of others to show you over the next few weeks.

I hope you had a great weekend.  I know I did.  Although I was glad to be back home and in my own bed last night.  

Thanks to everyone who has responded to the Blendabilties Club.  I have filled one whole club and need 4 more people to fill the second one.  These will run from 1st August until 1st January 2015 inclusive.

I have some amazing projects to share with you along the way using these truly awesome pens.  I have to say I have now sold all my other pens of this nature in favour of these.  

Anyway have a great day.  

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