Tuesday, December 10, 2013

An evening with Crunchie Crafts .............. and a fantastic Christmas Present opportunity

I am really looking forward to next weekend.  There is so much planned and pain thresholds being OK it should be fun filled.

So I hear you ask, what I am I doing?

Well there's a little bit of demonstrating at the Monk's Yard in Ilminster on Friday night .......

snowflakes, cards, crackers and much much more .......... oh and the chance to purchase that special gift ..............

Fancy learning a new skill, then why not come along and join in ........... I shall be there from 5pm until 9pm.  My wonderful family will be assisting me as always.

There will also be lots of opportunities for you guys to join in ........... try the ink pads, punch with the punches, embellish with our gorgeous accessories.

Last minute christmas shopping ........... know someone crafty. 

Well, I have just the answer for you.....

why not purchase your loved one or friend gift vouchers from

Crunchie Crafts.  They are in multiples of £10 and can be redeemed through
me to purchase your choice of gorgeous Stampin UP goodies.

Imagine the delight on Christmas day being able to browse the online store and choose all the new crafty stash, email me and order, and then have it delivered to your very own door.

I'm hoping that I get some vouchers, I just love opening the brown boxes from Stampin UP.

It's just so wonderful.

No only is this voucher very pretty but it comes in it's own personal gift packaging.

Go on, give me a call and order these for your loved ones.

They can be dispatched all over the UK.

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