Saturday, November 02, 2013

My new puppy, and My Digital Studio and 30% off

An amazing combination that made me smile.

Everyone loves something new:  You, me, everyone.  And I am loving both of these new things.

My puppy is gorgeous and my grumpy older dog has become a puppy again. I am loving watching them playing and having fun.  The camera has been working overtime.

But, what to do with all these new memories.  Do I just store them on my computer and forget about them.  What happens if the computer crashes and I loose them?

Simple - I have the answer at my finger tips.  MY DIGITAL STUDIO

What is this:

Well it's the fantastic digital crafting programme from Stampin UP!  It allows you to create and insert you photos into fantastic Scrapbook pages, Cards, invites and much much more.  You can create amazing hybrid projects - so not only can you use your computer but you can add those extra bits we all love by hand, whilst still getting ink and glue on our fingers.

DO you sometimes get everything out with an idea in your head and then find it doesn't quite work?  Do you feel that you have wasted those precious papers and other crafty bits because it didn't work?


Well then MDS is for you.  It allows you to create on screen the image you wish to finish with, but also gives you the flexibility to be able to play around until you are happy.  It's a great planning tool, as well as a designing and printing tool.

Here's my scrapbook page dedicated to my two fur babies.

Don't forget you can try out MDS for 30 days free by clicking on the links in the sidebar.  If you have already tried it and loved it, then purchase the full programme at my online shop.

Do you want more!

OK,  well for a limited time only Stampin UP are giving you 30% off some of the digital stamps.  They are a fraction of the price of normal stamps and now have even more off.
A win win situation.

So go on.  Get yourself MDS and get creating.  I would love to see your creations. 

Don't forget to use the hostess code when you order for your chance to win free goodies in the monthly draw.

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