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What are the hidden costs?
This is such a great question and one that is so important to ask when looking at any opportunity.  I am very pleased to report that there are no hidden costs.  Once you have purchased the starter kit for £99 of which you chose £130 of products and also receive a business kit worth £45 you have no further financial commitment to Stampin Up. However, there is a commitment of sales of £270 (£225 net) per quarter to continue as a Stampin Up demonstrator and receive all the benefits offered. 

I do not have any sales experience, although I love to craft and don't think I would be any good at it.  I have sales experience, but have never crafted but would like to.  Can I still become a demonstrator?
Stampin Up offers amazing support and assitance, with huge amounts of support, but as and when you need it.  First and foremost they know this is your business and that you want to run it your way.   There is no discrimination and the same level of support is provided to all demonstrators.  If you’ve no sales experience there is support and information for you.  If you’re new to crafting there is an amazing amount of inspiration both within the team and nationally and internationally.  Everyone is very caring and is willing to share ideas.  I will also help you and share my projects to give you ideas.
In my team I have demonstrators that we call Hobby demonstrators, they continue to be Stampin Up demonstrators by reaching the quarterly target of £270 of catalogue sales by personal purchases, others may also take orders from their friends and family to help them reach their quarterly minimum.  For those that do wish to take Stampin Up further and earn an income there is so much support from Stampin Up as well as myself.
To see a little more take a look the join now information on my site at www.crunchiecrafts.stampinup.net or look at Recruitment mini brochure at the bottom of the page.

What do you mean by net sales?
Net sales mean the catalogue price minus tax - in the UK this is 20%.  So the quarterly £225 minimum is actually £270 gross (including VAT)  This breaks down to approximately £90 a month.  Not a great deal if you get family and friends involved in crafting.  It’s addictive and everyone loves it.

Can I still join your team if I am not local to you?
YES! You can join my team if you live anywhere in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands or Austria.  I would love to welcome you to the Crafty Birds, it’s a great way to make friends and share.

How will you support me if I join your team?
This is another great question. It is so important that you research demonstrators and join with the person that can help support you in the way that you want and that is able to help you to the level you wish to achieve. I know I “interviewed” several different people before I found the right fit.  I know how scary and exciting this can be.  I will help you build your business in a way that suits you.  I will be as supportive to my hobby demos, as to those who want to build a larger business.  In my team, no-one is more important that any other.  We are all equal.  I have previously worked in both sales and marketing and have four years crafting experience, and am using this within my business.  As well as support from myself, there is support from the Pinkies Team, of which I am a downline.  This is a great family to belong to and we work hard and play hard, but also give each other support and advice when needed. 

I also provide the following to all members of my Team:-

               Regular Team Training Events
               One-to-one calls
               Team Newsletter
               Milestone gifts and recognition
               Being part of one of the largest teams in the UK and Netherlands we also have a dedicated facebook group, as well as a an amazing amount of other resources and support.
               As a Stampin Up Demonstrator you also get access to the Stampin Up Demonstrator website which has everything in one location and is accessible 24/7

  • But most of all I offer a caring, sharing and

supportive environment in which to build your business.

What do I get if I become a Stampin Up Demonstrator?
One of the most important questions - what do you get.  As a Stampin Up Demonstrator you will consistently get 20% commission on all catalogue sales - 30% on your first order after joining.  There are also a number of other incentives giving you the opportunity to get a volume rebate (sales dependent) each month which is a minimum of 4%.  Stampin Up are amazing at offering their demonstrators ways to earn more financially as well as earning free products to continuously help your business.

How do I join your team?
To become a Stampin Up Demonstrator and join my team, the Crafty Birds just click this link

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or on 07823 883769

I look forward to welcoming you to my team and working with you.

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